Thing you should know…..


1) You do not have to be a member to view any postings.

2) Only members can post items on the site.

3) This site if free to you, do not forget to visit the advertisers on the pages. They are the reason it is free to you.



How To….


Become a Member

1) Click the New User Button that you see on the page

2) Fill out the information on the page.

3) A password will then be emailed to you.


Change your password

1) Log in to the web site

2) Then you will see a button that says Manage Profile

3) You can change any of the information on that page.

4) Click submit and your changes will be made

5) You will get an email with all your new information in it.


Make a Posting

1) Log in to the web site

2) Click the New Posting button

3) Fill out the information on the page

4) Click Submit


Add a Picture

1) After you make your posting.

2) Click on Manage Posting

3) Click Edit on the posting you want to upload a picture for.

4) Browse to your picture and submit.





Q: What do I do when I do not want other users to see my posting anymore?

A: When you update the posting and put it in a Sold or Closed status other users are then unable to see the posting.


Q: How do I make payment for something that I want to buy, or how do I receive the money for something that I am selling?

A: There is no money transferring that takes place on the web site, you will have to make payment arrangements with the person that you are in contact with about the posting. If you want to ask the posting something about there posting you can email them by clicking the email button at the bottom of the form when you are viewing a posting.